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From cloud computing to cyber security, Market Data Group’s core competency is delivering high quality market research in the IT, Networking and Communications industries. We engage the best suited respondents so that our clients can make their decisions with confidence.

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One of the most common flaws of research is that it's conducted without a proper understanding of the context, leading to wrong decisions. At Market Data Group, we design in adequate checks and balances for delivering unbiased and actionable information.

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Our teams understand the benefits of key technologies ranging from mainframe computing to cloud computing. We keep abreast of the latest trends in virtualization, mobility, internet of things, and more, to get a better understanding of enterprise buying behaviors.

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Market Data Group LLC (MDG) in Framingham, Massachusetts, is a team of market research professionals in tune with the entire IT market landscape. Our competency expands and empowers the capabilities of market research firms, analysts, IT vendors, and consultancies. From cloud computing to software-defined infrastructure and digital transformation strategies, we deliver research that enables actionable business decision-making and measurable results.

Our teams keep abreast of the latest trends across the software, hardware, and services landscape and how these products, solutions, and services translate into business value. Beyond understanding the features and benefits of technology, years of interactions with global and local enterprises have given us insight into buying behavior, and a unique ability to unearth and probe into the most important issues.

Our clients often engage us to complement their own internal research and data analysis capabilities. As an example, clients augment their research projects with findings from our own established relationships with key decision-makers, including CIOs, CSOs, Departmental VPs, Directors, and specific customized audiences that increasingly sit outside the purview of traditional IT. Their faith in our integrity has often resulted in our becoming extended members of their own operations, even for their most confidential initiatives.


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