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Perform Due Diligence Before Branching Out To New Markets

At Market Data Group we offer menu-driven services at all stages of the research lifecycle. While we are often engaged for custom research projects, we also have the expertise to supplement your staff for ongoing market research efforts. In addition, we can provide services to recruit knowledgeable respondents when you want to conduct your own confidential research.

5 Steps

Research Design

Well-planned research design ensures the project stays on time and on budget. Our teams:

• Understand the Goals of the Research
• Clarify the Context and Targeted Segments
• Strategize the Sample Size
• Design Research Instruments 
• Define Methodologies
(Qualitative, Quantitative, Focus Groups, On-site, and Online)
• Test, Review Results, Refine, Adjust, and Finalize the Research

Participant Recruitment

The difference between accurate vs. inconclusive findings often lies in the participants you choose. We:

• Clarify the Goals and Context of the Research
• Secure Confidentiality of the Participant and Vendor Identities
• Create Participant Qualification Screeners (Experience, Industry, Title, Expertise, Size Of Firms)
• Agree Upon Research Methodology and Test/Finalize the Schedule

Data Capture and Validation

The next stage of the research process involves a few tweaks to the initial draft. Our consultants will:

• Agree On the Sample Size and Criteria
• Update Research Teams On Goals
• Update Teams On Technology, Services, and Subject Matters
• Highlight Priority Items To Focus On
• Define Abort Interview Criteria
• Test, Refine, Review, and Validate Findings

Data Analysis

Once we've concluded our research, we proceed to evaluate the findings. Our teams:

• Define Easy To Navigate Output Formats
• Align With the Required Decisions
• Define Goals Of the Analysis 
• Select Validation Processes To Check Accuracy Of Analysis
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The last stage of the research cycle delivers just what you're looking for. That's accurate findings to help you make decisions with confidence. Our consultants:

• Check Whether the Insights Are Actionable and Measurable By the Clients
• Cross Check With Relevant Sources for Accuracy
• Tabulate Key Insights From the Research 
• Recommend Actions for Business Development In Existing and New Target Market Segments