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Our Industry Knowledge Rapidly Uncovers High Value Market Insights.

We believe that conducting valid, valuable research in the IT industry requires a distinct combination of skills beyond traditional research tools and methods.  While use of the proper methodology is imperative, these techniques must be coupled with asking the right questions in the right context. Our team’s broad base of experience in exploring both technical and business requirements provides the 360-degree view that successful market research projects require. 

For over two decades, MDG’s passion for the IT industry, integrity, and collaborative spirit have made us a trusted partner in the market research industry.  This is due to our:

Focus on Client Success: Hundreds of repeat projects by our clients attest to our dedication to their success. 

Trusted Source: Our integrity, confidentiality and operational flexibility has allowed us to become extended members of our client’s own Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Product Management and Services teams - even for their most confidential projects.

Collaborative Market Research Services: We offer flexible services to our clients for any stage of the research market life-cycle. We can assist with research instrument development, recruitment of vetted participants or turnkey in-depth market research and analysis that provides accurate & actionable recommendations.

Context Based Research Methods: One of the common flaws of market research is that it is conducted without a proper understanding of the customer’s context. This lack of context can lead to the wrong conclusions and subsequently, the wrong decisions. We assure that the research has the adequate checks and balances for delivering unbiased and useful actionable information.

Leading Edge Solutions Experience: MDG has conducted hundreds of research projects on leading edge and emerging technologies and services.


Accuracy in findings is an obvious must for market research initiatives. What is even more significant is that precision is provided in the right context of your business' objectives. As an example, when doing studies on the market usage of cloud computing, one must take into consideration several factors. Otherwise, research findings that may be accurate within the present day purview of the respondents can lead to actions that might not be relevant to the future welfare of the company. These factors include:

• IT Workloads
• Acceptable Risks
• Consumer Buying Behaviors
• Impacts Of Future Market Dynamics

Fine-Tuned Consultants

At Market Data Group in Framingham, Massachusetts, we have successfully dealt with a majority of these issues over the past two decades. Unlike many other market research companies, we are well-versed in emerging trends as well as established IT products and services. This experience helps us add the right context and value to our client's teams. In addition, our market research teams sense when to drill deeper into the answers rather than just capture static responses. Our clients choose us for the following reasons:

• Trusted Source
• Collaborative Market Research Services
• Context-Based Research Methods
• Leading Edge Solutions Experience

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